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31 marzo 2013

How to work out working dresses

What to do when you have too many dresses for work that seem to formal

Eventhough I almost have a degree in Fashion Design, I also study in the evenings another degree which is Business.

Because of this I have formal outfits ,most of them are dresses , this is because I think dresses make any girl feel more girly and instantly you look so different from others.

Anyway the issue is I have to many of them , so lately I´ve been toning them down by pairing them with denim t-shirts. (You can tell that denim shirts are my recent obsession)

I´ve been in love with this look because is helps me keep those goregous formal dresses out of the closet.

But remember something, if you have short legs, try this but with some nude flats or wedges for this summer , like the picture above.
If you have long long legs just put some flashy flats on of any color mix and match and just have fun.

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