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05 marzo 2013

How to jean over jean

So the jeans on jeans is so in trend right now , and why not try it :
If you have long legs, rock a boyfriend jean to shorten your legs. Add some color pumps to draw the attention to your beautiful legs.
Here I used another trend the combo pink-red, which is really cute and sexy, add clutch to keep it up with this hip trend.

If you have short legs tuck one side of the shirt, it´ll help you make longer your legs and it´s also a way to fool the eye.
Add pointy shoes to help make longer legs, and play with lots of necklaces to draw the attention to your face instead of your legs.
Keep it cool with lots of colors, have fun it´s spring!!

Remember there are no rules in fashion eventhoug you have a long or short leg , try boyfriend jeans, or tuck in the shirt to give it a little more punch.

Just have fun L.

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